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Sorry if I'm not posting a lot of drawings lately, got college work to do so I'm pretty swamped.
I'll try to do more drawings when I have more free time.


Smash Bros Game&Watch by SonicKnight007
Smash Bros Game&Watch
First Appearance: Game & Watch (1980)

This little guy was introduced in the portable LCD game the Game & Watch. The Game & Watch was a simple portable game that was considered 
great for its time until the Game Boy came along in 1989. This was a simple device that calculators now a days can emulate and also McDonalds 
happy meals.
Smash Bros. Wario by SonicKnight007
Smash Bros. Wario
First Appearance: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)
Latest Portrayal: Charles Martinet

Wario is the complete opposite of Mario, he's greedy, rude, and smelly. He first started off stealing Mario's castle and would cause trouble for the plumber from time to time. 
Even though he's a brute, Wario is considered an Anti-hero. He always looks out for himself but sometimes his actions will help others by coincidence. He always tries to
find a way to make a quick buck and owns his own Micromanage mini game emporium selling thousands of games for a small price of **cough** dollars......
Smash Bros. Yoishi by SonicKnight007
Smash Bros. Yoishi
First Appearance: Super Mario World 1990
Latest Portrayal: Kazumi Totaka

Yoshi is a lovable little dragon dinosaur creature that is one of Mario's closest allies and friends. The Yoshi race are very gentle and kind, they once helped Mario
find his brother Luigi when they were just babies. Yoshi may look cute and innocent but he can stand his ground and fight back any foe. Yoshi's main asset is his powerful
tongue. He can gobble up any foe in his way and can digest them into eggs to throw at foes. Yes even male Yoshi's can lay eggs. Are there ever any female Yoshi's?
Smash Bros. Dr. Mario by SonicKnight007
Smash Bros. Dr. Mario
First Appearance: Dr. Mario 1990
Latest Portrayal: Charles Martinet

If he's not throwing parties or going go karting, Mario makes some extra cash by practicing his medical knowledge. While wearing the doctor's cloths, Mario takes down colds and chills
with his healing pills. Does anybody actually know if he has his PHD?  


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